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Confederate Union
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   Adams, Charles Milton Union
   Addleman, Perry Union
   Albright, John A. Union
   Alexander, Abdon Confederate
   Allen, Charles Richard Union
   Allen, Henry A. Confederate
   Amoss, Cadmus M Confederate
   Arn, Godfrey Union
   Arndt, Albert Union
   Ashbridge, James S. Union
   Ashley, Abram Union
   Ashley, David C Union
   Ashley, Charles Frederick Union
   Atkins, Alfred Union
   Atkins, George B Confederate
   Aubrey, Colton T Confederate
   Austin, Matthew S. Union
   Baldwin, Henry C. Union
   Ball, Mottrom Dulany Confederate
   Barclay, Hugh W. Confederate
   Barger, Frederick C Union
   Barnard, Job Union
   Barrows, Benjamin F. Union
   Bartholomew, Thomas J Union
   Bartlett, Ansel Union