Soldier Profile - Allen, Charles Richard

Full Name: Allen, Charles Richard
Home State: Illinois
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 2nd Cavalry
Charles was a farmer when the Civil War started. He enlisted in Company A, 2nd Illinois Volunteer Cavalry at the age of 22 and served from 8 August 1861 to his discharge due to expired term of enlistment on 11 August 1864.
Letters Written by Allen, Charles Richard
Diary Entry July 4th, 1863 - Vicksburg
Diary Entry April 30th, 1863 - Grand Gulf
Diary Entry January 1st, 1863 - Memphis, Tenn
Diary Entry November 13th, 1862 - Grand Junction, Tenn.
Diary Entry April 7th, 1862 - Shiloh
Diary Entry February 12th, 1862 - Fort Donalson
Diary Entry January 1st, 1862 - Within 15 miles of Paducah, KY
Diary Entry August 1st, 1861 - Springfield IL