Letter from Addleman, Perry

Soldier: Addleman, Perry
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 84th Infantry
Home State: Pennsylvania
Date Written: Friday, May 20th, 1864
Location: Camp 84th Regt Pa Vols
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Combat Description, Commanders, Comrades, Family
[Battle of the Wilderness]

Dear Sister your most welcome letter of the 9th came to hand to day and I was truly glad to hear from you and that you was in good health, well Leide we have had some very hard times since we left our old camp there has been fighting down here every day since the fifth of this month and you might think that we are very near done out for we donít get to sleep more than three hours in a night and some nights we donít get to sleep any our Regt has been engaged about three days and nights besides being close enough nearly all the time to hear the shells and bullets whistle I canít tell you how many our Regt lost but we had ten wounded and two killed in our company and our Colonel was wounded and died afterwards but I have been very lucky yet for I have not been touched yet although I have been every place that the Regt has been yet and I hope that I may be so lucky as to live until my time is out. Well Leide I have got several letters within the last two days but have not time to answer them and I hope they will forgive me this time for I would like to answer all of them but you can tell Jacob Harpster that I have not got a letter from him since I came in the army and I have not got one from John Hoover since last summer where I was at camp parole well Leide I must tell you what I think of that man of yours and close I think that he is about as nice a young man as you can find in old Clearfield write as soon as you get this and I will try and let you know how I am getting along as often as I can tell Mat that I got her letter and was glad to hear from her and will answer it as soon as I can but when I write a letter home I intend it as much for one as another that is when I am situated as I am now well I will close give my best wishes to all the friends and except of the same yourself from your brother

Perry Addleman

Donít forget to write soon"