Letter from Albright, John A.

Soldier: Albright, John A.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 16th Infantry
Home State: Wisconsin
Date Written: Saturday, March 26th, 1864
Location: Big Black River Bridge, near Vicksburg, MS
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Daily Life, Western Theater
[Dir]ect to
Vicksburg Miss
Co K 16th Reg
Wis Vols

Camp Near B[ig Black] Bridge Miss
March 26th 1864

Dear Mother.
I will try and write a few lines to you this lovely morning. this sun is shining brightly. the birds are singing their sweet praises. their are a great variety of songsters here. the prettyest bird here to my eye is the red bird it is as large as a dove and as red as blood and their are a great many of them here. they look pretty I tell you hopping about on the shrubs and green covered earth. their songs being equel to ____
one would not think that their was war or blood shed here we may have an attack any day yet I hardly think we will yet one dont know if we do have an engagement it will try us greenhorns and see whether we will stand fire or no. Mother I did write to you about a week ago, but paper does not cost me any thing and I may as well write as not yet I have a fashion of writing so fast and am afraid you will have quite a time to _____. I told you all about our march in _____ her letter so th[ere] is no use to say any _____ begins to go pretty_____ any yet myself as I have _____ [b]usy all the time writing we will ge_____ _____ugh in a week or so with most of it and then I will have more time. we draw beef twice in five days the rest of the time we have pickeled pork we get r_____ peas, sugar, coffee, tea, vinegar salt and pepper [and] one loaf of bakers bread per day. Mother tomorrow will be Easter oh how I would like to be home and then you could see whether I had any appetite for eggs. eggs are worth .75 cents per dozzen and then half of them be worthless. if I had any money at preasant I would get my picture taken and send it home for there is a picture galery close by here, but I guess I must wait till I get my next pay. I have got three letters from home since I was here an_____ any of the boys have got any yet. I hope Elmira will be well by the time this reaches you good many soldiers have the measles and several out of our Co have had them. does Elly still go to the post office or does Samuel get them or who does go for them and how often do you expect lettes from me you need not look oftiner than once a week this week I have written twice but I shall make it a practice to write once a week without _____ sick or something I have _____ now, most all_____ some. good by _____ me now methm_____ _____ld like it be ______ on getting this letter, but I would be _____ve as I should most-kill myself seating for a few days. good by write soon and direct as before from your son John A. Albright

[Note: this letter has been chewed by rodents, making parts illegible]