Letter from Allen, Henry A.

Soldier: Allen, Henry A.
Allegiance: Confederate
Unit/Service Branch: 9th Infantry
Home State: Virginia
Date Written: Monday, June 20th, 1864
Location: Officers Camp Point Lookout, Md.
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Prisoner, Prisoner Camp
Link Source: http://henryaallen.blogspot.com/
Since I wrote, the ring has been finished and I enclose it in this letter if too small have a little cut from the inside.

Dear Dear Sarah,
I fully expected getting a letter from you dear self tp day but was disappointed. Your last written on the 10th I received last Monday 13th and answered it the next day. I cannot imagine why it is that Gus does not write to me he has not written since April if he has I have never gotten his letter. In my last to you I spoke of sending one the plates with yours and the childrens picture to Mary Griffith. I received a letter from her yesterday and I have sent them to her, the one with the children taken with white dresses on I kept as I liked it much the best. If I only had the material I would have some necklaces made. I would like to have two made for Ida and Lucy. We have some beautiful work done here. Is there any Gutta Percha, crochet needles in Portsmouth, you know the needles I mean. I may be mistaken about their being crochet needles, they are hallow and quite large. Two or thre sizes, the smallest is the best. How are the dear little ones tell Ida she must not run away from home so often or Pa will think she is a bad child. I much fear she ia as wild as when I last saw her. When did you hear from John, where is Mary Eliza is she with Frances. Give my love to all home. Kiss Ida & Lucy for me. Remember me to all relatives & friends. I must close write soon from you affectionate husband