Letter from Allen, Henry A.

Soldier: Allen, Henry A.
Allegiance: Confederate
Unit/Service Branch: 9th Infantry
Home State: Virginia
Date Written: Friday, September 9th, 1864
Location: Morris Island Near Charleston S C
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Home, Naval, Patriotism, Prisoner, Wife/Girlfriend
Link Source: http://henryaallen.blogspot.com/

My Dear Wife
No doubt you have been waiting anxiously to receive a line from me while at Hilton Head. I wrote you a few lines but hardly think you have yet received it. Six hundred of us left Delaware on the 20th last month and landed at this place on the 7th being on the boat eighteen days and you can imagine what a pleasant time we had when we were so thick that we could hardly turn around we suffered much on the trip. I was taken with rush of blood to the head and was quite unwell for three or four days. Yesterday I was quite sick high fever and headache all day this morning I am much better. I would have written sooner but for that we are in full view of Charleston and we can see the cannonading going on. I know not how long we will remain here we expected when we left Delaware that we would be exchanged some think so yet. I trust it may be so and I may get back to Dixie once more. Oh how I would like to see my dear ones at home I am afraid I shall be debarred of that pleasure for a long time to come even if I am exchanged. Where you are it would be better to remain. How is Ma it seems an age since I have received a line from you Kiss Ida and Lucy for their Pa tell them they must be good children and obey you or Pa will be much disappointed when he come to them particularly Ida as she is now getting to be a good large girl. Give my love to Ma, Aunt Mary, and to all my relatives & friends remember me to all at home. What is joe doing do you ever hear from Henry or your Pa. you can write me if you should receive this as I will run the risk of getting it we may remain here some time. Robinson was left at Delaware. DO not send anything to me with out I wrote for it good bye and sending the best love of our affectionate husband
Henry A A

Address Prisoner of War, Morris Island,
Near Charleston S C