Letter from Allen, Henry A.

Soldier: Allen, Henry A.
Allegiance: Confederate
Unit/Service Branch: 9th Infantry
Home State: Virginia
Date Written: Tuesday, April 25th, 1865
Location: Fort Delaware
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Patriotism, Prisoner, Prisoner Camp, Wife/Girlfriend
Link Source: http://henryaallen.blogspot.com/

Dear Sarah
Last Sunday we received a mail the first since the 14th it having been kept back on account of the death of the President no business being done at this place I fully expected to get a letter but have not received a line in the last three days. The last from you was dated 13th in which you stated that Robinson & others were prisoners. I wish you had forwarded the box as it is now doubtful about my getting it if you have not done so when you receive this send it and do not fail to place the permit on it as I suppose you received it with my letter. I cannot tell when I will be able to come home probably not for a long time to come I am well and think my eyesight is improving has Ida recovered from her fall I suppose a good many people are coming home when you write let me know who have arrived. I have never been able to see Cpt Crocker but hear from him occasionally. When I last heard he was improving. If any more of my boys are home let me know I would like much to be with you dear Sarah but I cannot act as some have done before me we may all have to take the Oath before we will be released I look upon that in a different light. If we are conquered of course it must come to that if I was single I would never set foot in Portsmouth again as it is I do not expect to remain there after the war ends I must close give my love to all home and remember me kindly to all relatives & friends. Kiss my dear children and accept the sincere love of your affectionate Husband.
H A Allen

Division No 35