Letter from Allen, Henry A.

Soldier: Allen, Henry A.
Allegiance: Confederate
Unit/Service Branch: 9th Infantry
Home State: Virginia
Date Written: Tuesday, May 16th, 1865
Location: Fort Delaware
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Newspapers, Patriotism, Politics, Prisoner, Prisoner Camp, Religion, Wife/Girlfriend
Link Source: http://henryaallen.blogspot.com/

Dear Sarah
This morning quite unexpectedly a letter was handed me from you written while I was at Fort Pulaski containing four (4) dollars it was quite a treat I assure you as I have been out of money some time and although everything is very high at this place higher than at any prison I have been to yet it will do me some good. I was not expecting any money although I know letters were due me while there. Thank you my dear wife for your consideration. I have not yet received the box and no letter from you since the 4th written on the 2nd probably one may come this evening I trust so as I am very anxious to hear form you all when my name was called this morning I fully expected it was to take the oath and be released to return home we are waiting anxioiusly for that time to arrive as I would give much to be with my dear ones once more God grant it may not be long before we will have that pleasure we have heard of the capture of President Davis and truly sorry were we to hear it. Give my love to all home and give me the news kiss my dear little ones for me tell them I hope to be with them soon good bye your affectionate Husband
Henry A Allen
Division 35