Letter from Lackner, Peter

Soldier: Lackner, Peter
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 17th Infantry
Home State: New York
Date Written: Tuesday, June 6th, 1865
Location: Near Arlington Heights, Va.
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Daily Life, Eastern Theater, Family, Suffering
Dear Brother

With pleasure I again will endeavor to drop few lines to you to inform you that I am still well and rugged and hope these few lines may find you the same we are still here in camp and donít know when we will be sent away nor anything about when we will get home or discharged If the nearer we get home the less they give us to eat I tell you we are pretty short in rations now so my money is all played out so if you please you may send me about 5 dollars greenback so that I can get something to eat when we get hard up for grub and send it as quick as you can

There and any news in particular only they are sending away the troops as fast as they can to their own states and I donít know but our turn will soon come to go to New York state so you will do well & send an answer as soon as you get this for I donít want to be hungry if there is any way of getting something to eat, there were two Regts went home this morning 16th Maine 14th N.J. out of our division & 59th Mass. Went Sunday morning but I now will come to a close hoping soon to Get out of this show for we aint had any pay for 5 months and poor rations but as long as we were fighting & a good ways off from supplies they used to Give us plenty to eat more than we generally could carry on a march and now we are right here where there is plenty they donít Give us enough but I Guess they are trying to make all the money out of our rations that they can while we remain here but I have wrote about all that I can think off at present so I will close by sending my Best respects to my Parents & to all of my Sisters & yourself & all inquiring friends & I trust I shall remain as ever your

Brothers Peter Lackner

Co Simion Lackner
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