Letter from Barger, Frederick C

Soldier: Barger, Frederick C
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 49th Infantry
Home State: New York
Date Written: Monday, February 17th, 1862
Location: Camp Griffin, VA
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Daily Life, Drilling, Eastern Theater, Family, Home, Newspapers, Suffering
Link Source: http://cchsnys.org/mp/mp_civil_war_bargar_5_15/mp_bargar_5_15.html
Camp Griffin VA
February 17th 1862

My dear Sister
I received your letter in good time but as I wrote to Father the next day I thought I would hold on a day or two. This is a wet rainy miserable Kind of a day for us sojer boys - it has rained all day - the ground is frozen and it continues to freeze - we have a little snow in some places - we do not drill to day for a wonder it is the first day we have "postponed on account of the weather" but we are drilling in the Bayonet Exercise and I know that we ought to improve all of our time - Colonel Bidwell says that when we learn that we will be complete as he thinks we understand the rest of the Drills - To day we have an addition of one Regiment to our Brigade the 77th New York they are 951 strong and look like a good {struck-through: new) Regiment they have been on the Road since 8 o'clock this morning but have carried no Knapsacks or Blankets - they had 108 wagons each drawn by six mules and brought even the boards which they had for tent floors - which is against special orders we were only allowed 20 wagons and only had our tents & camp equipage carried each man had to carry his Knapsacks & Blanket. Lieut Stevens does not feel very bright to day was quite sick last night but is better to day I dont Know whether he would care about my reporting him sick but you must not say that he is - I have not heard from George yet I have written to him - sent him a Paper - Do you ever get Papers from me I have sent 3 or 4 and send one to Father with this - let me Know if it is received - So the girls have got the skating fever have they Het Carlisle is a proficient you say - give her my best wishes and tell her I could catch her in going 40 rods - I have written to her once about two months ago but never heard from her - I have just read Dr Spencers letter in the Republican of the 12th inst - it is a "big thing" and I can see it I guess H. J. Bliss will say no more about the Stoneman Cavalry not being in the Field - his views in regard to the 49th are my sentiments exactly. John has done a bully thing the first time - did he ever write one before? If so I never saw it - Tell Mother I "cant see" the Photographs she said she would send - I should like one of you as you spoke of getting and if Melvin can take good ones they are as cheap as you can get them in New York - after Pay-day I want to get a picture taken full length - without my overcoat - I should like some in my Jacket with my belts & sword - I am still in the Company doing all Kinds of duty & sometimes that of Orderly - the other 45 cage together - I expect to go on Picquit again about tomorrow - but dont know yet they just make me skedadle. I can promise you but I am young tough & hearty & can stand it - I guess we will all be home by July or August - what do the folks north say about it - Please write soon

I wish you would send me a Paper of needles course enough to carry linen thread small needles are of no kind of use to me here - also a haul of course black linen thread - I would also like another pair of Buckskin Gloves like Geo. sent me as some miserable ____ has stolen those - they were first rate ones which in addition to the Knife I spoke of to Father & some Butter (if Possible) completes my list of wants for the present - hoping you can send some or all of these things
I am as ever your aff brother

I received the Com. Ad. from Father do so more
I wish you would send me some stamps