Letter from Maley, Henry H

Soldier: Maley, Henry H
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 84th Infantry
Home State: Illinois
Date Written: Monday, August 18th, 1862
Location: Camp Quincy, Illinois
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Comrades, Drilling, Friends, Western Theater
Link Source: http://www.rarebooks.nd.edu/digital/civil_war/letters/maley/5023-01.shtml
Camp Quincy
August the 18 1862
Dear Father It is with the greates of pleasure that I take this opportunity to let you know that Frank and I are well and I hope your the same. I have bin on guard one day and night. Frank has to. Thare is some of the boys is sick some five or six of them we have got our Uniform they are lite blew pants and and dark blew coats with long tails we have bin on dres prade we look nise I tel you. Thare is almost A ful regiment I belive thare is one cumpany has no uniform We have poark and beef and bread and coffee the bacon can run off if it wanted to it is plum full of animals. We have rice and homany Sugar and that is all I dont know how long we will sta here I think a bout A month or so there was A fight just A cros the river the other day our folks got rather the worst of it. John Welch and Clum Mitchel was here yesterday the rest of our men are cumming to day. Yo can tell notts folks that he is well and will be home as soon as he is sworn in.
I belive that I have told you all so I will quit for the present and still remain your most sinsear son
Write to Company K 84 ilanoy rejiment volinteers in care of Capt Mcgaw
Camp Quincy
Tell Mrs Fryrears folks how to direct there letters

All of you write