Letter from Maley, Henry H

Soldier: Maley, Henry H
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 84th Infantry
Home State: Illinois
Date Written: Sunday, December 4th, 1864
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Combat Description, Western Theater
Link Source: http://www.rarebooks.nd.edu/digital/civil_war/letters/maley/5023-27.shtml
Camp at Nashville
Tenn. Dec 4th 1864

Dear Father and Mother
I thought I would write you a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope this will find you all the same. We have bin having a hard time for some time back we had quite a fight the 30th at Franklin their was part of our Corps and and part of the 23rd. We had to fall back but I consider the rebs got whiped. We got about 1500 prisoners. they charged our lines 6 or 7 times they broke the line once whare the conscripts was but the old soldiers took them back. We only lost about 700 men Killed and wounded. the 84 did not git to shoot any only some of us that was on picket. we marched 3 nights had running we got so sleeppy that the boys went to sleep walking a long. Col L. H. Waters was wounded and caswell to caswell was shot in the neck and L H was shot in the arm a bout the sholdier they was all that was wounded in the regiment. we are back at Nashville a gain and the rebs in our front and trying to cross the river I guess they inted to make us leave Nashville if they can. their is skirmishing all the time and the artillery is firing most all the time. if any one would have told me we would be back here this soon I would have thought him a fool. it does not look hardly right to see us back here but we could not help it. we are living high now we can git any thing we want here. they have bin making the sharks that come a round looking at things work on the works. I think it is a good thing they might stay in town. I got a letter from you dated the 20 of last month. I dont think I got all of your letters. for some time back. I suppose you have got that money I sent you by orderly Mitchel before this. Well I have wrote more than will interest you so I will quit write often to your hopeful
H H Maley
To Wm M and E A Maley