Letter from Burnett, James A

Soldier: Burnett, James A
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 26th Infantry
Home State: Missouri
Date Written: Sunday, November 23rd, 1862
Location: Fayette County, Tennessee
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Home, On the March, Western Theater, Wife/Girlfriend
Link Source: http://statehistoricalsocietyofmissouri.org/cdm/ref/collection/amcw/id/10310
Lafayette County, Tenn. November 23th 186

Dear Companion it tis thrue the marceys of god that I am blesst this Sabeth Morning so I rote you Agin becus to let you no that I am well at this time hoping when these few liens come to hand tha may find you and family well and dooing well Jane I have nothing Mutch to write to you this time only to let you hear from Me often I wold be glad to see you all and be at home tell I Cold git A good Mess Corn bread and A bite milk and butr wold not goe very bad but I will not take eny jest now So I will tell you A till A bout my travels Sence I have bin hear in the regement I Went to Corienth and Stad too days and then we Started and traviled 3 days then we Stopt too dys and then we Started and traviled A bout 6 Miels and We Stade thare and thare A bout severl days then When we left thar We travil nerly 2 days and then we come to this place called Muscow tenn [Moscow, Tennessee] and we have bin hear evr Sence So I must goe to hear our old preacher preach and finesh when I come back Well I have come back and heard no preaching and from what Som of the boys say I Wold not have heard Mutch when I heard him far what litl he tries to preach is Jest for money you rote that you had nerly all of your corn in I was glad to hear that and also A new wheal that is all rite if you have got it at home you also wrote that you had A lonsome way of living that I wold expect but you Must pase the time of as well as you can I hope that it will not be long that you will have to live so I want you to let me hear from you ofen for it is grate satsfaction to Me to hear from you and My seet litl boy tell Joel H. Bridges and Mr Deparks that I want them to not far git to write to Me and let Me hear all the news So I hope that you May live in peace and plenty So I must come to A cose bey Saying write Soon and ofen So remain your best friend untell deth so farwell far this time
James A. Burnett
To Rebeca J. Burnett

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