Letter from Burnett, James A

Soldier: Burnett, James A
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 26th Infantry
Home State: Missouri
Date Written: Sunday, January 25th, 1863
Location: Germantown, Tennessee
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Home, Hospital, Sickness, Suffering, Western Theater, Wife/Girlfriend
Link Source: http://statehistoricalsocietyofmissouri.org/cdm/ref/collection/amcw/id/10310
Jan 25 1863
Jurman town Tenn

Dear Companion I am blest with Another oprtunity of droping you A few lines to let you no how I am giting a long i am Still in the hospitl yet but i am A bout well i wold go to my compney if the wether was not so aful bad but i hope when these few lines comes to hand they may find you and famley well an doing well Jane this is the first letr i have rote to you my Self in a good while i got henry to write one and the last one i got the water to rite and tha was not mutch Satsfaction in it i have not reseived a letr from you far Som time but i am always glad to git a letr from you let it be soon or late while i was sick i thout of you and home never then evr befour i wold dream that i was at home with you ever time i fell a Sleep i wold think that you was nursing me but when i wold wake up i wold find my self very mutch disapointed i nevr knew what home was tell now Jane i want to Se you and my sweet litl babe the most in the world but that is one thing that i cant doo at this present time So i want us to write to each other as often as we can far it gives me the gratest Satsfaction of eny thing else to hear from you often and to hear you are all well you rote that you was going to git a girl to stay with you untell i come home i will be glad to hear of you giting one to stay with you far i no that you have a hard way to git a long So i hope that you may git somebody to help you tell i git home far i want you to take jest as good care of your self as you can dont run in the cold no moer then you can far i hope it will not be long tell i can git to come home and take the hard ships of your hands the way this wour is managed is a disgrase to the govrment and i think if i live to git home i will stay with you the rest of my days the helth of our ridg is giting very bad So i must come to a close Write Soon may god bless you all both now and far evr So good bey far this time
James A Burnett
To Rebekh J Burnett
give my best respects to Mr Sparks an familey also Joel H Bridges i want all to write