Letter from Walker, Robert

Soldier: Walker, Robert
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 90th Infantry
Home State: Ohio
Date Written: Thursday, November 13th, 1862
Location: Lebanon, Tennessee
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Comrades, Family, Friends, Western Theater

Dear Sister,

I take this opportunity of writing to let you know
that I am well and hope that these few lines may find you en-
joying the same blessing.

I have not received any letter from you for a good
while, but I suppose you are very busy, perhaps cracking
your fingers. I should like very much to get word from you
again and from all the rest of the folks. I have written to
you and to Martha, to James, to Nelson Spurrier and George,
but few letters have I received. Write, if you please, and tell
me lots of news about how you are getting along, etc. And
if you are married, you need not be ashamed to tell me about
it, for I shall find it out anyhow.

I am not married yet, but I expect that I shall be soon,
for I go to see my duck pretty regularly. But I generally
come back with a chicken in my hand. Tennessee chicken
doesn't taste bad:

We get plenty to eat, such as beans, rice, meat, coffee,
crackers and chicken. We buy our chicken with the South-
ern scrip. I have ten dollars of it yet,and some good money--
about four dollars. But my stamps have run out and I can't
get any more.

I must quit writing.

Andrew Irvin sends his respects to you. He is well.

Thomas Turner and Jack Dishong are not very well.

I hardly know how to tell you to direct. Direct to
Robert Walker, 90th O. V. I., Co. H, in care of Capt. Hitch-
cock, 22nd Brigade and 4th Division of the U. S. army in

No more at present.Write soon and tell the rest to
write. Then I will.