Letter from Walker, Robert

Soldier: Walker, Robert
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 90th Infantry
Home State: Ohio
Date Written: Saturday, March 14th, 1863
Location: Camp Cripple Creek, TN
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Comrades, Desertion, Home, Western Theater
7 miles from Murfreesboro.

Dear Sisters Harriet and Martha Walker,

I embrace this opportunity of writing to you to let you
know that I am still well and hope that these few lines may
find you enjoying the same blessing.

I received a letter from you some three or four days
ago. Martha, you said that you girls were at a first rate
spelling school at our school house. I dreamed last night
what made you and Harriet think it was such a good time. I
dreamed that Isaac Coleman went home with you and John
McNeal with Harriet, and that you all went to mother's house
and had a big time together. I think it was enough to make
you think it a good time, i I want you to write and tell me
who did the rest of the beauing.I guess it was Henry Trim-
mer. I heard that all the boys knee high to a duck were go-
ing with the girls, except John Crawford, and he tries but
can't come the caper. Now gahals that is pretty cool.

I guess that is enough on this subject, so I shall tell
you what kind of weather we have here. We have one clear
day and then four rainy ones, and mud comes up as high as
Jacob's boots.

We have marching orders now. The orders came to
strike tents and be ready to move at a moment's warning.
We did so and it rained hard all day and we did not move;
so at night we put up our tents again and have them up yet.
I don't know when we shall move now, nor do I care.

You wanted me to write and tell you where Jackson
Dishong is. He is at Nashville in a hospital. He ought to
have a discharge, but they don't often discharge a man here
in the army till he is eight days dead and buried. We have
had some men to desert in our company. Their names are
Toby Jackson and John Ford from Sommerset, Reuben Van-
sicle from the north part of Perry county, and Levi Wilson.
The latter is the son of old Ezra Wilson. The Major went af-
ter them but he did not get any of them except John Ford.
T. Turner is wel) " *

Well, gals, I must close for this time. Write soon and
tell me how you and John and Ike get along.

I have nothing more to say; please answer this without

Good-bye for this time.