Letter from Walker, Robert

Soldier: Walker, Robert
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 90th Infantry
Home State: Ohio
Date Written: Wednesday, December 23rd, 1863
Location: Bridgeport, AL
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Comrades, Home

Dear Sister,

I embrace this opportunity of writing to you to let you
know that I am well, fat and hearty, and able for my allow-
ance. I received a letter from mother and was glad to hear
from you all, but I was sorry to hear that Martha was sick.
I hope that she has recovered before this time.

I should like to be at home now to see you all, and to
spend the holidays, but I shall have to spend them in Alaba-
ma. We are going to have a big Christmas dinner here. We
shall have crackers and bacon and bacon and crackers and
coffee to top off with.

It might be interesting to hear of what kind of weather
we have down here. The nights are frosty and the days are
warm. It has not frozen here the half of an inch this winter.
The old Tennessee river is very high at present. It is full
from bank to bank. There has been rainy weather up the
river some place, but not here.

Thomas Mains has gone home. He started the 21st
of this month. I sent a letter to mother by him. She want-
ed to know what I wanted her to send me. She need not send
any towel, for I have as many of them as I can take care of.
But I should like to have my hat, and she can send me a pair
of socks and gloves, if she wishes. You can send them by
(the orderly) Ferguson or Thomas S. Mains, whichever comes
first. And I should like to have one dollar's worth of stamps.
I wrote a letter to mother a few days ago and sent her a ring
for a Christmas gift. I would have sent you and Martha
Jane each one but I had no more buttons from which to make
them. If you send me some buttons I will make you one

I must wind up my epistle by subscribing myself,

Your brother.