Letter from Walker, Robert

Soldier: Walker, Robert
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 90th Infantry
Home State: Ohio
Date Written: Monday, April 11th, 1864
Location: Ooltewah Station, Tennessee
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Bushwhackers, Camp Life, Comrades, Enemy, Home, Secesh

Dear Sister,

With pleasure I embrace this present opportunity of
responding to your kind and welcome letter of the 3rd inst.
I was truly glad to hear that you were well, and I hope that
this will find you in the same enjoyments of health. I am
well and hearty, and as lazy as is profitable.

I sent my shadow home three or four weeks ago. You
did not say whether you had gotten it or not. I also sent
thirty dollars with Daniel Henderson. You did not say any-
thing about that, but I suppose you have got it before this
time. Dan has come back safe but I have not seen him yet.
I have not been in camp yet today, but I am going as soon as I
quit writing.

You said Isaac Marshall was going with KateTrimmer.
I know him as well as I know his aunt, and I was tolerably
well acquainted with her.

Well, Harriet, we have some nice weather here and
some nice times to suit it . ' There was a two days' meeting at
Ooltewah. Commenced last Saturday. There were some
very fine looking young ladies there. A great many of them
got Yankees for beaus, and those who did not were badly dis-
appointed. There have been several marriages here since
our brigade came, but not any out of the 90th. They are not
on the marrying list.

The boys from Saltlick township are all well, except T.
S. Mains. He is on the mend.

Harriet how would you like to be a prisoner? ,We have
two female prisoners here in our brigade. They were taken
for spies,' and I guess they are spies sent here by Joe Johnson.
They came into camp, they said , to buy Confederate money.
I think they will pay pretty dearly for it, too. One of them
pretends to be crazy, but she is not crazy, but she is a fool
without sense.

Now Harriet, I shall close hoping to hear from you
soon. Give my respects to all. I wrote a letter to-day to
Martha Jane and directed it to Nelsonville. If she is not there
she can send for it the first chance.