Letter from Walker, Robert

Soldier: Walker, Robert
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 90th Infantry
Home State: Ohio
Date Written: Monday, November 14th, 1864
Location: Pulaski, Tennessee
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Commanders, Comrades, Daily Life, Home, On the March, Politics

Dear Sister,

With pleasure I resume my seat for the purpose of an-
swering a letter which I received yesterday, that had no name
signed to it, but I suppose it was from you.

Well I shall tell you what I have been doing for the
last three weeks. You know I wrote a little note to mother
when we were at Chattanooga, and told her that we were ex-
pecting to take the cars for Bridgeport, Stevenson or Decatur.
Well, we slipped up on it. All of the rest of our corps went
on the cars, and we had to guard the wagon train through
from Chattanooga to Pulaski. We had a very pleasant time,
only we had not. We marched from eight to ten miles a day,
through the mud. Sometimes the mules would stall, and then
you know we had to help roll the wheels. But we got to Deck-
erd Station on the 8th, against noon. Of course we stayed
there and voted in the afternoon. Our regiment polled two
hundred ninety-one votes. Two hundred eighty were for Lin-
coln and eleven for Mac. You know I put in one as long as
your arm for Lincoln, and I think it will elect him by a large
majority. On the 9th, we took the road again for Pulaski,
and yesterday we got here safe and sound. This morning I
had to wash, scrub and scour, and get dinner. But getting
dinner did not bother me as much as to find something to get.

Well, that is enough of nonsense. Harriet you can tell
Mrs. Barnes that I shall not get to see Marion again, soon,
for there are no troops here except our corps. The rest of
Sherman's command is somewhere near Atlanta, Ga. Our
corps is a department by itself now.

I must close for the present, hoping to hear from you
soon. If Billy McClurg comes up soon, I wish you would send
me some socks. Tell Maria Barnes to hook me another pair
of gloves and I will send you the money to pay for them.

We have not had any pay for ten months, but we will
get it soon.

Direct my letter 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 4th Army
Corps, Pulaski, Tennessee.