Letter from Johnston, D A

Soldier: Johnston, D A
Allegiance: Confederate
Unit/Service Branch: 1st Cavalry
Home State: Mississippi
Date Written: Tuesday, October 25th, 1864
Location: Alexandria, LA
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Daily Life, Family, Home, Western Theater
My Dear Father:

I am still near Alexandria on duty getting on finely, my health is very good-better than it has been in some time. I like this Country very well though it is not a very agreeable Country to stay in since the Federals came up here everything is very high and scarce...the old Itia is not worth a cent in Alexandria "nothing but State Money or New Itia will pass". My horse is getting on bravely...I wrote to Jane that I had bought a watch. I have sold the watch made one hundred dollars on the trade. I did not get the money down but will get it soon.

I have swapped saddles since I left home "made a first-rate trade. I have so managed and traded around" that If I had all the Government and what is owing me besides I would have four hundred dollars. I draw rations and am living tolerably hard it takes a good deal of money to by something for me to eat. I make a rite-smart of money. I have spent one hundred dollars since I left the hospital. My clothing is getting tolerable than for the season but I am getting on very well with them. I have examined the Crook Shank place. I don't think it will suit you. I don not know whether I will get a furlough this winter or not. You will excuse this badly written letter for it is raining and is very cold. There is nothing in this district.

Write Soon,

Your Son,
D A Johnston