Letter from Cosgrove, William

Soldier: Cosgrove, William
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 1st Artillery
Home State: Ohio
Date Written: Tuesday, May 13th, 1862
Location: Camp near Corinth, MS
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Western Theater, Suffering, Home, Family, Comrades, Commanders, Combat Description
Dear friends

it has been a long time since I wrote to you for the reason that the officers said that letters would not leave here till the next battle was fought they told us this morning that we could send letters so I wrote one to our folks this forenoon, I am well, and hope you all the same we have would written about four _____ of Corinth it was though that Corinth was Enacnated But it is quite a sad mistake I think for the __th General Pope in ________ up the left flank was attacked and drove back we meant to assist them but it was all over before we got there about 30 wounded & 80 killed on our side the whole army is formed in line of Battle every morning we harness the horses and let them be harnessed till about noon we here cannon adeing to day, but it is some distance from here it ______ be on the right thair is swamp between us and the Rebbles Our troops our cutting roads through it and bridging them with logs the Rebbles can be seen from whare picket gards stand they say the swamp is three quarters to a mile ride. Our siege guns are in front with the advance the weather is fine it is pretty warm the roads is getting good they have been making preparations for the wounded five hours long or more. they nail blankets in two poles to carry the wounded out I got the letter that your mother and you wrote me. I also got the paper you sent me I am very thankful for the papers you sent me also for the post stamps uncle William sent me. Marrian sent me some stamps in the last letter that I got from home. They all sell for about 25 cents a piece at the landing newspapers fifteen cents a piece. I sent 40 dollars home may the first by a Doctor from Cleveland I wrote a letter and put the money in it directed it to ______ Ashland Ohio. the captain told all the boys that if they wanted to send money to send money that he knew the doctor to be an honest man and it would be a good chance he would take the money to Cleveland the express it john s tarret got a furlong and went home he was very sick for two weeks with Typhoid fever William hiester one of the boys that came from Ashland with us and belonged to our detachment died May the 6th fellow complained for some time of not being well but still done his duty until about the 1st of May then he was taken down we made him a bed by sticking four spades in the ground then putting poles through the handles then laying a board on them he took crazy as beside himself we stayed up with two nights but the third night john campbell was attending to him the doctor from Cleveland that I spoke of __________ in to see him and told us that he would not live till morning not after the doctors ment ____ he died before he was washed as ____ we got to orders to move at three o’clock that morning so we had to take a candle to go &dig a grave and bury him before he was cold without coffin or anything else as thair was no boards to make a coffin we put him in then put some _____ him I must close I will try to be so wicked as some our in the army I hope God will protect me from sin and death some of the reg has orders advance forwards tomorrow good by write soon direct ____ _____ ____ care capt ____ 4th Battery General Nelsons Brigade 19th Division