Letter from Strouss, Ellis C

Soldier: Strouss, Ellis C
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 57th Infantry
Home State: Pennsylvania
Date Written: Friday, July 10th, 1863
Location: 3 Miles East of Sharpsburg, MD
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Comrades, Daily Life, Family, Friends, Home, On the March, Rumors
Link Source: US Army Military History Institute, Carlisle, PA
July 10 1863
On the March 3 Miles East
of Sharpsburgh, Md

Dear Mother I received your letter of June 29 last evening and was
very glad indeed to hear from you I am well and hearty and stand the
march first-rate I cannot write much as we are on the march and
have just halted for dinner I will write this and leave it at a house
on the road for mailing. that us the only way we have for mailing letters now We are giveing the rebels the darndest whipping they
ever had, the boys are all in the best spirits I wrote to
you on the 4th of July and again on the 6th In one of the letters I stateed that Samuel Peiffer had been killed; Peter Kepler was in in the Hospital sick at Emmettsburg. he was not in the fight. I learned
this from the the Captain of his Company I will write you a long letter as soon as this march is over That is if I live
to see who has kept me from harm in former battles can do so
in future, therefore I put my trust in him. Give my love
to all my friends my love to you____Sam and all of the
family. We have not heard any thing of our missing yet,

I remain as ever
your Affectionate son

Ellis C Strouss

I got the Handkerchief
you sent and also
the journals.