Letter from Frey, James

Soldier: Frey, James
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 11th Infantry
Home State: Illinois
Date Written: Friday, January 6th, 1865
Location: Kenneyville, LA
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Daily Life, Family, Maneuvers, On the March, Rumors, Western Theater
Kenneyville Louisiana
Jan 6 1865

Dear Father

I take the present opportunity to inform you a few lines that well and enjoying good health hoping you are the same. Father I let you know since I wrote the last letter to you I seen pretty hard times I think you enjoyed yourself on Christmas better than I did we had a march out through the country scouting around 40 miles from Memphis Tenn. and we was out 12 days in the cold and wet when we started out it rained all the time and then turned cold and the ground froze about 12 inches deep and on the 31st of December we arrived in camp again in the evening and as soon as we came in we got orders in the morning to be ready to go on the boat and start to New Orleans but we did not till Monday Evening and arrived here at this place yesterday morning we had to stop about ten miles on this side of New Orleans and last night it rained awful down here it was a heavy thunder but then I slept comfortable we had our tent good. Father I donít know how long we will stay here we are under marching orders all the time I guess we will strike out through the Country for Mobile and we all expect to have a heavy fight there. Father I let you know that this is a warm climate the Oranges are ripe and it just has plenty of them down here. Father I would a wished to go a little further down I would like to see New Orleans I have seen good many since I left home and I would like to see a little more before my time is out but I hope to live and get through it nice and safe then when I get home again I can tell you more about it So no more at present and write soon and so will I whenever I get a chance or have any thing to write

Direct your letter as before and it will follow the Reg. I send my best respects to you and all inquiring friends.

From your Son

James Frey