Letter from Frey, James

Soldier: Frey, James
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 11th Infantry
Home State: Illinois
Date Written: Tuesday, April 11th, 1865
Location: Ft. Blakely, AL
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Combat Description, Enemy, Prisoner, Western Theater
Blakely April 11 1865

Dear Father

It is with pleasure that I will write a few lines to you that I am well hoping you are all the same. Father I let you know that Fort Spanish and Blakely is ours S. Fort was taken on the 8th it was taken by charging and when our men got in the guns was all spiked and on the 9th we made a [charge?] on this place and we captured between 2000 or 3000 prisoners. I tell you it was a pretty rough time if a man would have told me I could be made to do any such thing I woulda not believed him but men will do anything when we climed over the Rebel works they asked us if we was drunk. I guess they thought sober men would not do the like but we had not a drop of whisky but most of our officers was pretty drunk we captured 2 Rebel Gen. one of them was so drunk he could not get away. We follwed them clear down to the river some few got across ad we captured one of there gunboats but it was disabled or could not get out of the way. How dear our loss is I donít know but it ainít very heavy the most of our men got hit when we was within about 10 steps of the works . No more at present if I ever get home I can tell you more about it. I send my best respect to you and all inquiring friends. Yours Truly, James Frey

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