Letter from Frey, James

Soldier: Frey, James
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 11th Infantry
Home State: Illinois
Date Written: Friday, May 12th, 1865
Location: Mobile, AL
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Commanders, Comrades, Enemy, Family, Friends, Rumors, Western Theater
Mobile Ala. May 12 1865

Dear Father

It is with pleasure that I answer yours of the 25th of April which I received yesterday. I also received yours of the 4th of March. I was very glad to hear from you for I had no letter from you for so long but when I read the last one I felt sorry very sorry indeed to hear that you was so much troubled with the headache and Reumatism again this spring and also that mother had such a bad cough and grand father and grandmother was very low, you also stated that Sister Salie got married on the 4th of March to Maybury [Angsta?] and is already drafted and gone to war and you said that Salie wrote a letter to me which I never received. I received all the stamps and the $5.00 and was glad to get it but I guess we will get pay tomorrow they are paying off our Brig. and so donít send anymore. From what I see in the paper this morning we will be very apt to go to Texas one of our Reg. in our Brig. has got marching orders but they will go to I donít know. I thought while ago that the war was most over because they surrendered all their force except the stubborn old Kirby Smith he is in Texas and he may stand a pretty good fight yet but I am in hopes he will surrender without any fighting for I have seen all the fighting I want to see. Father you want to know some of our Generals names and Cols. and Capt. My Capt.ís name is Johnsan the Colís name of our Reg. is James H. Coates our Brig. Generalís name is Denis Gen. [Leach?] commands the Div. and General Canby was in command of our whole force at Fort Spanish and Blakely and Generals A.J. Smith and Steel was also there now I give you some of my comrades names Chester Dickey R.R Ulm R.D. Munger W.H. Bishop Serg. G. Gilmore Franklin Manuel John Hodge Morison Hunter John Hunter them is all as good friends as I ever had I could tell you some more but I guess them will do for this time when I get home I can tell you all the names of the whole Co. So I must come to a close by saying that I am well and happy hoping you can enjoy yourself the same donít forget to write soon. I send my best respect to you and Mother Brothers Sisters and all inquiring Friends.

From Your
Truly Son
James Frey

Mr James Frey
Co G 11th Reg
Ills Infantry
Mobile Ala.