Letter from Frey, James

Soldier: Frey, James
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 11th Infantry
Home State: Illinois
Date Written: Saturday, July 29th, 1865
Location: Grande Core, LA
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Commanders, Daily Life, Family, Home, Western Theater
July 29th 1865
Camp near Grande Core

Dear Father

It is with pleasure that I drop a few lines to you to let you know where I am and how I am getting along we are encampt in the woods there is nothing but timber but it is a very nice camping ground the camp right on the hill and about 30 yards below there is more than a dozen springs running out of the hill the best kind of water this camp used to be called by the Rebs, Liberty Camp there ainít no troops here but our Reg. one Co. is stationed [1w missing due to tear at corner] Grande Core and 2 Co attac[hed?] [at least 1w missing] and the rest of the [1w missing] is campt here in this place we transferred men out of the 11th Reg. come here to the 46th Ill Reg on the 19th [inst?] and I am very well satisfied so far the Officers of this Reg. ainít half as strict as they was in the 11th and besides that they ainít putting on to much style neither you can hardly tell an Officer from a private. Further about getting out of the service I guess I want get out before my time is out and I donít care neither we have got a good and healthy place to stay and I can make more money here than I can at home we have got a mess of 11 of us and they got me to cooking [1w missing] soon as we come here and [at least 1w missing] are to pay me ten Dollars [1w missing, likely ďaĒ] [m]onth and we are getting a little over 8 Dollars a month for clothing and I have got all the clothes I want till my time is out and if I count all that that would be $35.00 a month besides my board and thatís more than I can make any where for the next 2 months and I guess I can stay away from home that much longer. So I must come to a close by saying that I am well & enjoying good health hoping you are the same I send my best respect to you and to my Dear Mother Brothers and Sisters & all inquiring friends and donít trouble yourselves over me for I am getting along all right and I wish you would give [A.H.?] & [W.L.L.?] or any of my old friends my direction so they can write to me if they wish to. Donít forget to answer soon. I had no letter from you for over 2 months I donít know whatís the reason whether you donít write or I donít get them.

Mr. James Frey
Co. I 46th Reg.
Ills Infantry
Shrevesport Lou

From your Son
James Frey
To my Father
Wm. Frey