Letter from Cleaver, Aaron Koch

Soldier: Cleaver, Aaron Koch
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 93rd Infantry
Home State: Pennsylvania
Date Written: Sunday, August 16th, 1863
Location: Somewhere near the Rappahannock River, VA
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Civilians, Commanders, Comrades, Eastern Theater, Family, Friends, Home, On the March, Patriotism, Rumors, Secesh, Western Theater
Virginia August 16th 1863

Mr James Frey,

Having so long neglected in writing to you I thought this morning of dropping a few lines to you wherein I will state that we changed camp on Fryday within 1 ˝ miles of the Rappahannock River our Regiment is close to the river but I am at Brigade Headquarters, which is about the distance before stated at a house
and the folks are regular Secesh. The old man and his boys and three women the express them openly what they are. A little boy, about six years old said that he would cut his throat if he knew he had one drop of Union blood in his veins. So the women say so the say we would have to skedaddle before long, it may come true but it will be some rough work done first. We are now under marching orders but how soon I cannot tell, our Brigade is detached to the 2nd Division. This Division is commanded by General Howe, former our Brigadier. Further the weather is very warm so much so that it is almost impossible for troops to hold out on a march. The country looks desolate through Virginia the fields are almost grown over with brush and briars hardly any fences, and buildings are in a ruinous condition. I think the drafted men of Pricetown of the 167th Regt are at home, enjoying the comforts of home again in every branch but I think you will not stay behind, you will try to look out for No. 1. I expect their will be none left for me till my time of service is up. The 151st is also at home I think [illegible name or title…S.B.] will be regularly attended by [illegible name or title…E.K.]. I hardly know what further to write. My brother was near Vicksburg on the 20th of June I suppose he was their the time it was surrendered., since I have not heard from him I wish they would take us out of Virginia I am sick and tired of this bloody state, the draft will be over in Penn. Before long or is already, and I hope the will all come willingly, for now is the time while the [1w illegible] look favorable on our side we anxiously awaiting the news of the fall of Sumpter and Charleston, which will give another deathblow to the rebellion if our Army and Navy will be successful. I must close for this time. Hoping this to find you well as this leaves me the same, remember me to all with regards and my best wishes. Hoping to hear from you soon. No more at present.

Your most esteemed friend
Aaron K Cleaver

Please let me hear all the news and especially from [illegible, Miss E.F.?]

Aaron K Cleaver
Company K 93rd PI
3rd Brigade 3rd Division
6 Army Corps
Washington, D.C.

Wm. Burkirk is well and so is Rufus Dieter and A. Snyder.