Letter from Bartlett, Ansel

Soldier: Bartlett, Ansel
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 58th Infantry
Home State: Massachusetts
Date Written: Wednesday, November 9th, 1864
Location: Washington, D.C.
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Daily Life, Family, Suffering, Wife/Girlfriend
Dear Father,

I now take these few moments to write to you to let you know that I am well and hope this will find you the same.

I have thought that I should enlist in the regular army for 5 years and if I do they pay $1800 bounty and 90 days furlough. I think I shall do it. They pay $100 down and the rest when we return back from off of the furlough. I don't think that I have been served just right since I left home for I have not received no letters from you nor any of the rest of the folks since I left home and this is the last letter I shall write home til I get a letter from some of you. I wrote 1 to Aunt Vancy and 1 to Aunt Mary and 1 to Kim and have hot got any answer from any of them and I have wrote several to you and Mother and have not got any answer from them. Now if you and mother do not think enough of me to write to me it is all right for this is the last letter I shall write home until I get an answer from you if I have to wait until the war is over. I do not find much news to write anyway.

I should like to have you do one favour for me. If you cannot spend time to write, please to go to Alvin and ask him to send me some money. I have not enough to buy me any tobacco and of he cannot send the money to send some tobacco. I don't care which. And ask him if he will take some more money to keep for me and tell him I shall send $100 to him to keep if he wants the money to use and more like enough when we get paid off. I shall have $180 coming to me and I do think I shall have more. I don't know how much.

This from your son, Ansel Bartlett

Please answer.
Direct your letter to:

The 58th Regt MassVols, Co D
Washington, D.C.

Tell Flora to be good until I get home and I will remember her if I ever come home.