Letter from Baldwin, Henry C.

Soldier: Baldwin, Henry C.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 15th Infantry
Home State: Connecticut
Date Written: Sunday, February 1st, 1863
Location: Fredericksburg
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Commanders, Comrades, Eastern Theater, Friends, Newspapers, Patriotism, Rumors, Strategy
[Letter written to Charles D. Lewis Esq., Naugatuck, Conn.]

My Old Friend Charley

Your last came duely to hand & now I am seated with the intention answering the same not that I can write half as good a letter or one half as well written. Blast it all the drum sounds and out goes the lights good night.

Evening 2d Feb.

I was stoped short last night for they are begining to come Camp Chase on us again & drum for everything even to putting out lights.

I have just finished reading a Baltimore paper & now Stiles is reading it also a dayly paper here cost only ten cts. Rather costly when we considder we are working for $13.00 per month.

I must tell you what gladdens the hearts of us fellows & makes us feel natral like. Last week we were paid up to the 1st of Nov & new the way the Suttlers are rakeing in the greenbacks is a caution. Our friends from the North show their love for the soldier in a curious manner by bringing down a cargo of articles as soon as on we are paid off & in nine cases out ten seem hardly content 100 percent profit on everything they (sell) & now to demonstrate the truth of the above I will add a few facts. Some one from Conn brought down a few barrels of cider & in less time than it takes to write it the tent was thronged by the eager Sons of old Conn anxious to get a taste of the cider. They were soon gratified by paying 25cts per quart or one fifth that sum for about enough to fill ones mouth so you see we are not forgoten by the Patriotic men of New England.

There is one thing I must not forget to mention which is that there is a prospect of our having soft bread once more as they are building a large oven for the purpose of giving that article in which we have lived without since the 1st of Dec.

Those fellows what got the $500 and then vamoosed may think it quite a gallus game but of all things I despise a man of that stamp.

I have read Gen Butlers address & I think it quite apprio. I dont care how many negroes he arms or how many get their heads broak if it will help to end the war.

I cant say I agree with your Cousin Henry about the capture of Richmond. I do not think the army of the Potomac can ever take it that is I donít believe the Fredericksburg road is the right one. Gen Porter took the right road to Richmond & if he had been supported as he ought to I believe it would have been ours to day.

You ask me what I think of the war now. I think a great deal my faith is yet strong & in spite of greedy owl like polititions I believe the starry Flag will yet wave in triumph over a united and happy Country it may be a long way in the future but it must be.

I have no more time to write at present write soon and oblige Henry Baldwin