Letter from Barrows, Benjamin F.

Soldier: Barrows, Benjamin F.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 31st Infantry
Home State: Maine
Date Written: Sunday, February 5th, 1865
Location: Annapolis, MD
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Commanders, Comrades, Eastern Theater, Family, Friends, Hospital, Rumors
In hospital: Annapolis, Md.

Dear cousin Ed :

I recieved your kind letter a few days since and conclude that I'll postpone answering no longer. We are moving along here very quietly and I try to enjoy myself as well as possible. On the whole I have a very easy time but how long it is to continue I cant tell. I should like to be at my regiment now first rate. I recieved a letter from my Com-- last friday. The 2nd Leiutent who was assigned to it from the 32nd Regit. has resigned on account of disability and Sergts Rines and Lougee? say that they wish I was there to be mustered. I wish so myself. I intend to see the Dr. Vanderkrift? soon and if he will let me go will start as soon as possible if not. will not stand in the way of any other persons promotion. I do not not want to go to the regiment unless there is a certainty of my being mustered because I have a very good place here. Rev. Mr. Bowler is about here I saw him last Friday afternoon. He had been spending some time in Washington and designs going to the front this week. While here he was a guest of Chap. Heneries.

This place has been a scene of considerable business. The past week the cold weather two weeks ago closed the Potomic and the harbor of Baltimore and vessels from all quarters have gathered there. Here is were Sec. Seward came to embark for City Point to meet the rebel peace Com--. He was followed next day By Pres. Lincoln who returned yesterday morning. Troops have been embarking at is supposed that they are to join Gen Sherman. They came from Tennessee.

What do you think of the prospect of peace. I am glad that a move has been made in that direction. It may amount to nothing now but I believe negotions will be continued until peace is secured. An honorable one of course. I have recenty recieved a letter from New Orleans Henerys wife sister and children had arrived there after a very long passage. A draft is to come off there the 15 inst-? Henery and Joseph are enrolled and stand a good chance to draw one of the unlucky numbers. Uncle Hatch was out attending? as the army has just been paid off. The past week we have had beutiful warm weather. Very different probably fom the weather experinced in Maine. How is Marcia now a days I hear from her only through you. I would really like to see that pictue which she sent home. Tell Dr. Toward when you see him again that I shall be very glad I am to recieve that letter which he admits to be owing me.

With love to your parents, I remain

Very truly your cousin B.F. Barows.