Letter from Barrows, Benjamin F.

Soldier: Barrows, Benjamin F.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 31st Infantry
Home State: Maine
Date Written: Sunday, March 12th, 1865
Location: Annapolis, MD
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Eastern Theater, Enemy, Family, Friends, Home, Hospital
In Hospital: Annapolis Md.

Dear cousin Ed: Your kind letter came duly to hand a few days ago. This evening I will attempt to answer it. The most interisting event to me that has occurred to me here of late was the arrival of the officers of my regiment. They were all captured in the same day that I was / have been confined at Columbia, S.C. most of the time. they look much better now than when they were captured but they say that they do not give the rebs credit for their good looks. They were enabled to supply themselves with money and of course if a man has a plenty of money he can live well even in South Carolina.

We are having very beautiful weather here about like the latter part of April in Maine. Prisoners of war daily arrive and many of them are in a wretched condition and soon die after reaching this hospital. 41 were buried today.

What are you and Greenleaf doing now-a-days? I have not heard from G. for some time. Are they drafting in Augusta yet? or will it be avoided. I see that P. Graves has been drafted. What does Aunt Eunice? say. It is doutfull if he is accepted by the surgeon.

I am glad to hear that your mother is gaining and hope she will be well again soon. My love to her if you please?

I have not gone to my regiment yet but as soon as paid? which I think will be in two weeks or more shall make offication? to be sent there. I met loft? Sargent of the 32 who is assigned to my company, the other day like him much. I suppose Martha has gone to Waterville to attend school. If you build a house for Sue next summer and she inhabits it. I'll get a Furlough and go and vist her. I have no news to write and there fore close. Let me hear from you soon. Love to all: Truly Yours B.F. Barrows.