Letter from Scott, James

Soldier: Scott, James
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 23rd Infantry
Home State: Wisconsin
Date Written: Wednesday, November 12th, 1862
Location: Frankfort, Ky.
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Commanders, Comrades, Daily Life, Family, Friends, On the March, Western Theater
Camp near Frankfort, Ky.,

We arrived in camp about two o'clock this afternoon tired and weary. We left Nicholasville yesterday morning at 6 o'clock and marched to within 2 miles of Versailles, in all 16 miles. We passed through a small town by the name of Keen with three negroes to one white. This morning we started from our camp at 7 o'clock. We fared very well last night for there was a good sized straw stack close by and in less than 15 minutes there was no stack, so we all had good beds and slept well, but tonight we are minus the straw, but we have good dry ground and being very tired I guess we will sleep sound enough for we will have to get used to ground for beds and a stick of cord wood for a pillow. We have been very lucky so far in regard to our sleeping and eating arrangements. We had our selves fixed up as comfortable as need be but our enjoyment of it was of short duration. I suppose we will be in Louisville by Saturday night. It is 52 miles from here. The distance don't seem far for three days marching when the road is so good, but I find these turn pikes the hardest roads to travel on I ever tried. Frankfort is considerable of a place but it down in a very deep ravine on the Kentucky River. It is the Capital of Ky. The state prison is and looks like a hard place to get out of. General Bragg camped on the same ground that we now occupy 5 weeks ago. I guess they must have had a battle here for I saw a great many bullet holes in some of the houses as I came through but I did not have a chance to inquire of any one when it was or if it amounted to much or not. I can not tell. As to our money when it will come do not know. I expect we would have got it this week if we had staid in Nicholasville. We will get it before long. Bell wanted to know if I was out of money, paper and postage stamps. I am just out of money but not quite out of postage stamps or paper but will be before long. Frank is on guard so that he can't write so if you see Nan you can tell her that he is all right. Tell Mcs that Asa is right side up with care and we will all write when we get to Louisville.

Yours truly,

James. Scott
I do not know how you had better Direct. You had better Direct as usual via Cincinnati.