Letter from Scott, James

Soldier: Scott, James
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 23rd Infantry
Home State: Wisconsin
Date Written: Wednesday, December 10th, 1862
Location: Wyota
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Daily Life, Family, Friends, Home

Dear Brother,

I have just finished washing the dishes and sit down to answer your letter that I received today and I received one last Saturday, but I did not answer that one for Wesley wrote to you that day, so I thought I would not write then for there is not much news to write. I am going to school now. It commenced a week ago last Monday. Wesley went last week but he has not went any this week. He is not very well this week. His hip troubles him considerable. I like Bessie for a teacher first rate, better than I thought I should. The school is larger this winter than I thought it would be. There is several came in from other districts. There is two of Charley Weltz's children, Charley and Ella Barnes, Sidney Van Natre and Ellen Stout, a girl that lives at Lycans. Bill Nicholson is clerk of this district. This year he is very attentive to all the wants of the school house. He has everything done up just so. He is getting quite spry in his old days. The weather is quite pleasant here this week. The snow has almost all melted off today and yesterday. It is very muddy on the roads now. There has not been much snow this winter so far and I hope there won't be much but I would rather have a little snow than so much mud. Well I guess the draft did go off at last in this county. They drafted on Saturday. I have not heard who was drafted in any of the towns excepting some in Gratiot, Chance More and Tom Cox, George Lynch, Wm. Beck. I did not hear who the others were yet. They say that Thos. Cox will get clear off. He says he won't go for he is post master or has something to do with the mail. There was nine to be drafted out of Gratiot. Well there has been one wedding in the town since you left, L.E. Johnson and Amanda Cothern are married at last, or at least that is the report now, if it don't turn out like Doc Leitcher & Amanda Spence marriage. They went off to Chicago together and the report was they were married but in a few days Amanda was back home but Doc has never come back to Wyota yet. I guess he has not many friends around Wyota. I think camp life agrees with you folks pretty well from what you write. Father got a letter from Frank today. I think he has gained considerable in weight from what he wrote. Bob sent a few lines in Frank's letter to

Wes. It is the first we have had from him for over two weeks. I don't know why he don't write oftener than he does. We never get more than a letter in two or three weeks. He said in this last letter that he was out of stamps. Well seems you will never get that paper and postage stamps that Father sent to you. I should think there would have been time for to get there when you wrote we can't get stamps here for any thing but gold or silver or United States money. They won't give stamps for any other paper money at all. We haven't got but two stamps in the house now but where we mail the letter we will get a few to send to you. I got a letter from Mary Tennis about two weeks ago. I guess she has taken another fit of writing. She spoke about writing to you and getting no answer. She seemed to be very anxious to hear from you. I have not answered her letter yet. I won't be in any hurry about it neither. We have never had any letter from James Earley yet. I suppose he is not able to write if he is living at all. I would like very much to hear from him. They say that John Agnue has got to be Captain of that Co. If that is so I think John has got up pretty well. Well I guess I have nothing more to write at present. I am tired writing now. It is nine o'clock and that is bed time. I will close this time by sending our love to you all and hoping to hear from you often, so good night.

From your sister,