Letter from Scott, James

Soldier: Scott, James
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 23rd Infantry
Home State: Wisconsin
Date Written: Sunday, October 12th, 1862
Location: Wyota
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Family, Friends, Home
[Letter written to James from his sister]

Dear Brother,

With pleasure I take my pen in hand to write you a few lines to let you know that we are all well at present hoping this may find you the same. I received your letter of the 4th yesterday and one Wednesday. It is quite pleasant here today but there was quite a hard freeze here last night, and it has been raining all last week again. For the last two weeks there has been nothing but rain. Rain night and day, but today is pleasant though rather cool, but if it don't rain anymore for a while I shall be satisfied with cold weather. It has been rather poor weather for doing up the fall work. We have not got much of ours done yet. Father has not ploughed any this fall and I don't suppose he will for if the weather keeps good the potatoes will have to be dug the first thing and the buckwheat is to thrash yet if it ever gets dry enough. Father has not hired anyone to help him and I don't know whether he will or not. Boys are very hard to get anymore. He did hire one of old John McCue's boys for a month but he did not stay but four days. He started out of the field where he was cutting corn and did not say anything to Father. He came down to the house and told Wesley he was going home and that was the last of him. Why he went we do not know unless he got homesick for he was very still. He never would say a word, only when one would speak to him, he would answer and that was all. There is no sign of the thrasing machine coming yet. I expect there will be nothing to thrash when it does come for it has been so wet that the stacks are all growing. Father has sold three beef cattle. He got 55 dollars for the three. He has not sold any of the horses yet. I guess there is rather a poor show for selling any of the horses. You wanted to know how the drafting goes on. Well it goes on just as I expected. There is no drafting at all and there is not going to be any either. I don't believe there is no sign of it now. At least though Dr. Monroe was examining the men at Darlington a while ago. We have not got any letters from Jim Earley yet, but we heard that he was wounded pretty badly in the breast. I don't suppose he is able to or he would write before this. You wanted to know how we liked Lawrence's party. Well I should like to know how you heard we were there for we was not. We did not even have the honor of an invitation but it would have been all the same if we had. All the folks around here were there but us and Mary Nicholson and Bill. He had the party the Saturday night before they started for the Peak. So when you write let me know how you heard we were there. I suppose though some of the folks around wrote you the news, but I should like to know who. I think when you and Bob are writing to all the folks around, some of you might write to some of the Bayles, Mary Ann or Susan or some of them. I think they are always as anxious to hear from you as any one in the neighborhood. I believe I have nothing more to write at present. Wes wants you to write to him. I will close by sending my love to you.

Yours truly,

Margaret Scott
to James Scott