Letter from Underwood, Albert

Soldier: Underwood, Albert
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 9th Artillery
Home State: Indiana
Date Written: Friday, January 1st, 1864
Location: Huntington, TN, to Union City, TN
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Comrades, Daily Life, On the March, Religion, Suffering, Western Theater
Link Source: http://dcwi.com/~dave/underwood.html
Fri. Jan. 1: Clear and cold this morning. The thermometer stood at ten degrees above zero this morning. It continued cold all day. A quiet New Year's Day. We are camped for a few days at Huntington, County Seat of Hunington County and about 60 miles from Union City and 30 miles from Jackson.

Sat. Jan. 2: On guard today. Cold and a little cloudy this morning. Received marching orders this evening to be ready to march at 8 oclock in the morning.

Sun. Jan. 3: Cloudy and snowing this morning. Left camp at 8 oclock on the Paris road. The roads are frozen hard and are very rough. Went into camp about noon about 6 miles northeast of Huntington. (Huntingdon)

Mon. Jan. 4: Rained and sleeted last night. Remained in camp all day. Received orders to march at 7 oclock in the morning, received a mail this evening.

Tues. Jan. 5: Clear and cold this morning. Left camp about 9 oclock this morning. Roads very rough with a slick, sleet snow on the top. Quite cold and frosty all day. Camped on Dovor's Creek in 7 miles of Paris. We traveled 12 miles today.

Wed. Jan. 6: Left camp about sunrise had pretty good roads today. Reached Paris at 1 oclock and the 1st Section of battery went into camp 1/4 of a mile west of the Court House. On guard tonight.

Thurs. Jan. 7: Cold and cloudy this morning. Received orders to go into town and tack quarters this morning. Moved in about noon and took quarters in a large brick building on the corner of the Court House. Took supper tonight at the McVeys.

Fri. Jan. 8: Clear, beautiful morning. Moderated a little this morning. Have got things pretty fixed here now. Distance to Union City 47 miles and to Ft. Hieran 28 miles.

Sat. Jan. 9: Beautiful morning moderating today. Commenced reading Don Quixote.

Sun. Jan. 10: Beautiful day. Went to Campbellite Church at 11 oclock. The congregation consisted of 4 men and 5 womem and about 20 soldiers. Our mess was presented with a baked turkey and other things for dinner by Mrs. Mearrs.

Mon. Jan. 11: Beautiful weather. Thawed considerable here today. Nothing of interest has transpired yet.

Tues. Jan. 12: Delightful day. Mrs. Mearrs brought us in some more chickens today. On guard to day. Finished reading Don Quixote.

Wed. Jan. 13: Cloudy weather. Some of the 7th Tennessee Cavalry in today and brought some prisoners.

Thurs. Jan. 14: Rained some last night, had inspection today. Reading the life of Robert Burns.

Fri. Jan. 15: The weather still continues very delightful for the time of year.

Sat. Jan. 16: Citizens are getting quite numerous here now. Received marching orders about 7 oclock tonight to be ready to march at 8 oclock in the morning.

Sun. Jan. 17: Left camp about 8 oclock. Mt. Holyoke and Koma had very bad roads. It rained all day, went into camp about 2 oclock near Rays 10 miles east of Oresdon. Took breakfast this morning at Mr. Alexanders. Traveled 12 miles today.

Mon. Jan. 18: Snowed this morning. Left camp at 9 oclock. Rained all last night. Bad roads, slavish traveling today. Snowed all day, stalled several times. Reached Oresdon about 2 oclock and went into camp near town. Traveled 10 miles today.

Tues. Jan. 19: Clear beautiful day. Left camp at 10 oclock, very slavish traveling again today. The roads are very bad. The wagon cut through in many places. Had very disagreeable time today. Reached Camp Yaredon on the Obson (Obion) river at 4 oclock. On guard tonight. Traveled 14 miles today.

Wed. Jan. 20: Beautiful morning. Left camp at 8 oclock, upset the baggage wagon at the start. The caisson run off the levee just across the Obson (Obion) river and upset in about four feet water. Had an awful time getting it out. Drowned one horse, got started at 10 oclock. Started several times and came near upsetting. Finally reached Union City about 3 oclock. Commenced loading on the cars at once.