American Civil War Map WebQuest (Grades 8-10)

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Map 1 > Review the map below for a few minutes and then answer the questions below.

Question Answer
1) How many states made up the United States before secession?
2) What's the largest state in (U.S.) North America in 1860
3) How many states seceded to create the "Confederacy"?
4) Did the Union or Confederacy possess the most land?
5) In how many states did slavery exist?
6) All slavery states joined the Confederacy?
7) The Battle of Fort Sumter took place in what state?
8) How many "Territories" are there?
9) How many "Free" states are there?
10) List the "Free" states that bordered the Pacific Ocean?
11) What Slave states lie above the "Union/Confederacy" line?
12) Prediction: What state(s) will endure the most battles?

Map 2 > Review the map below for a few minutes and then answer the questions below.

Question Answer
13) What are the major rivers that flow through Tennessee?
14) What three major battles that took place in Mississippi in 1863 (list them)?
15) What are the dates of Sherman's "March to the Sea?"
16) What state did the Battle of Fort Sumter take place in?
17) What two major battles took place along the Tennessee River in 1862?
18) What states does the Cumberland River flow through?
19) In what state did the Battle of Shiloh take place in?
20) Vicksburg lies on what river?
21) Sherman's "March to the sea" started in Atlanta and ended where?
22) What is the Northern most battle that took place on this map?
23) What is the latest battle to have take place?
24) Sherman's "March to the Sea" did what to the Confederacy?
25) What battle took place on June 27, 1864 in Georgia?

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